21 Day Walk Yourself Beautiful Challenge

21 Day Walk Yourself Beautiful Challenge

21 Day Walk Yourself Beautiful Challenge.

Our new challenge: 21 DAY WALK YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL  is starting on 1 May 2017.

We are giving away 1 digital copy of “Walk On:21 Day Weight Loss Plan DVD” by Jessica Smith.
This is what you have to do to enter the competition. 

Send us an Email at fitandhealthyafter40@gmail.com with the following words:

My name is … (Cassandra) and I am committed to do the Challenge 21 DAY WALK YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL with a picture of your healthy food meal or your working out space and include our official challenge hashtag  #walkyourselfbeautiful 

We will choose a winner by random choice. We will do a Facebook LIVE on our Fit and Healthy After 40  Closed Facebook Group on Tuesday 2.May 2017.  at 14:00 CET to announce the winner of a digital copy of ”Walk On:21 Day Weight Loss Plan DVD“.  So, make sure that you join our Group. The winner will also be notified by Email.  

How will this challenge work?

This Challenge is all about fitness and food. We are going to use Walk On:21 Day Weight Loss Plan by Jessica Smith for the fitness aspect of the challenge and for the food aspect, Vikki will do Weight Watchers and I will do portion control inspired by 21 Day fix for 1200 calories plan, and fasting twice a week.

So, the portion control eating window is for 5 days a week and the weekend you can give yourself a little splurge with wine and some sweets.

If you don’t have a DVD we will provide you with free similar youtube videos, the schedules are at the bottom of this post.

Don’t forget to measure yourself or take a picture of yourself in the mirror so that you can track progress.  To motivate each other and to connect with everyone that is doing this Challenge, please make sure that you use the hashtag #walkyourselfbeautiful in your Social Media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Post as many pictures as you can of your healthy portion control meals, workouts and anything that you think is related to the Challenge.

Please make sure that you check with us in our Closed Facebook Group. If you don’t follow our Challenges you can also join our Group for fitness support, healthy eating tips, motivation and much more. Let’s get moving and have fun together.



DAY 1: Cardio Core Walk
YOUTUBE replacement video if you don’t have a DVD: Cardio Core Flow – Full 25 Minute Cardio, Core and Standing Abs Home Workout

DAY 2: Low impact Hiit Walk
YOUTUBE replacement video if you don’t have a DVD:HIIT for Beginners: Walking Interval Cardio Workout, Low Impact, Fat Burning and Cardio, Aerobics, Exercise: 9-Minute, Low Impact High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout

DAY 3: Tread and shred
YOUTUBE replacement video if you don’t have a DVD: Stride & Strength – Full 36 Minute Walking Workout with Dumbbells for Weight Loss

DAY 4: Stride Stretch and Relax
YOUTUBE replacement video if you don’t have a DVD: Full Body Stretching 30 Minute Flexibility Routine: Relax and Restore

DAY 5: Active Rest Day
YOUTUBE replacement video if you don’t have a DVD: 30 Minute Sunset Barefoot Walk – Full Length Indoor Walking Workout for Beginners

Repeat this cycle until you’ve reached Day 21


Follow these simple rules and we guarantee that you will see the results together with the workouts.

Eat 4 small meals per day, whole food.

Drink 1-2 litres of water everyday and a few cups of green tea.

If you don’t like green tea, stick with water.  Make sure that you eat only 2 portions of starchy carbs (1 cup or 1/2 cup per portion) and you can have 2 portions (2 cup or 1 cup per portion) of fruit per day.

Don’t drink your calories. Eat proteins with every meal.  The size of your protein serving should be 3/4 of a cup. On weekends have one cheat meal and few glasses of wine, but this is optimal.

Your Daily food intake should be: 

3 cups of Veggies

2 cups of Fruit

4 x 3/4 cup of Protein

2 x 1/2 cup Carbs

1/4 cup of Healthy Fats

1 tbsp of dressings or seeds

2 tsp of oil or nut butter

Don’t forget to spread these foods into 4 small meals.

21 Day Eat yourself Beautiful Challenge

If you want super fast results, then you should do fasting on your Active Rest Day and on another “easy workout day, such as DAY 1.

When you fast, you are only allowed to eat 500 calories on those days.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or interact with us on our Closed Facebook Group.

We are looking forward to doing this 21 Day Walk Yourself Beautiful Challenge with you.

The Mantra for this Challenge is: Eat and Walk Yourself Beautiful.


21 Day Walk Yourself Beautiful Challenge

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