30 Day Squat Challenge Day 11

30 Day Squat Challenge Day 11

Today was supposed to be Day 12, a rest Day, but I didn’t feel well at all yesterday, that is why today we are doing Day 11.

My neck muscles felt so tense and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even walk or do any squats.

My job has long computers hours and I get a very sore neck and upper back.

I do a lot stretches but sometimes its all too much pressure on my neck.

This happens to me all the time.

Then it gets easier but it comes back.  I might consider going for a swim twice a week, but now I don’t have time for swimming.

Anyway, here is the video of Day 11 of my 30 Day squat challenge where we do 110 squats – 5 x 20 and 1 x 10!

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

Try to do this challenge as best as you can.

If you are in pain like I was yesterday, then take a day rest.

Trust me you are doing yourself a favour.

But never give up!

See you tomorrow!

30 Day Squat Challenge Day 11

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