30 Day Squat challenge Day 23

30 Day Squat challenge Day 23

On Day 23 we are doing 190 repetitions.

Please be aware if you feel that your knees hurt, probably  you’re not sitting far back enough when you squat.

When doing a squat, you should be able to wiggle your toes for the whole movement.

Transfer your weight onto your heels and imagine that you’re trying to sit in an invisible chair.

If you have bad knee problems squats probably are not your best option, so try hip thrust bridges instead to tone your thighs and gluts.

Hope this helps.

I don’t want anyone to get injured doing this challenge.  This challenge is supposed to be fun.

If you cant do all the squats at once, then split the squats and do half of the squats in the morning and other half in the afternoon.

Be patient with yourself and do it the best way that suits you.

Here is today’s video, enjoy it.

Tomorrow is a rest Day, and see you again on Day 25.

30 Day Squat challenge Day 23

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