Workout Plan – 30 day squat challenge

30 day squat challenge

30 day squat challenge

I always wanted to do this challenge and now it is the perfect time to do it. I never had anyone to join me, but this time I have you to join me and support me during these 30 days.  Yes, I am inviting you to do this challenge with me and this is how we will do this together:

  1. Before we start with this challenge we must take a record of our butt. I advise you to take a picture of your butt in front of a mirror and take a measuring tape and measure you thighs. Keep your picture and measurements in a safe place (away from your neighbour, just kidding. lol), because at the end of this challenge you will take measurements again and take a new picture of your “new” butt so that you can see the progress. I will do the same.
  2. I will be making videos everyday, doing the squats in real time with you.  I will try to be funny and make you laugh while you are doing your squats so that it’s not so hard for you and of course for me. Fitness always should be fun, but challenging.  I am starting this challenge tomorrow on Monday 22. February 2016, so that you can follow me from Day 1.If you can’t start at the same time with me, these videos will be archived on my YouTube Channel in a playlist called “30 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE” and you can do this whenever you decide so.

Here is the image of the 30 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE so that you can save it on your phone or computer.

This way  you will know exactly how many squats are you doing each day and when is a rest day.

You can see it is pretty self explanatory and all you need is good will and don’t give up.  But don’t worry we will do this together and I will motivate you.

When we get to, for example too many squats, we will divide them into sets with a small rest.

30 day squat challenge calendar

Good luck with this challenge.

I am here for you, to support you.  You can follow me on my Social Media and you can send me personal messages as well.

BTW, I will also be doing cardio exercises along with this challenge, but I will not record them on the videos.

The videos will be specifically and only related to this squat challenge.

Please make sure you warm up properly before starting this challenge.

I don’t want you to get injured. Also, to help with muscles soreness I would advise you to take magnesium supplement instead of any pain killers.

Magnesium works for me the best.


Stay fit and healthy after 40 with me.

Here is my youtube video where I talk about this challenge.

English is my second language and really I hope that you like my accent 🙂

Workout Plan – 30 day squat challenge

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