Write a Love Letter to Yourself – Day 7 of Self Love Challenge

a Love Letter to Yourself

a Love Letter to Yourself

Today is the last day of the 7 Days Self Love Challenge.

I think that this Day is the most important Day in this challenge, because you will write a love letter to yourself.

You should always love and respect yourself, no matter what other people think of you.

And don’t forget that people who judge you are really reflecting their own feelings toward themselves and not toward you.

Today’s mantra – Your mantra will be whatever you wrote in your letter. Your words, not mine, this time.

Today’s journal entry – Your self love letter will be your journal entry today. xo

Here is today’s video for the last Day of 7 Day Self Love Challenge:

To finish of this Challenge I will leave you with a love letter that I wrote to myself.

Dear Me,

You are the most beautiful person on this planet.

You always find time to make yourself and other people happy.

You are a true inspiration and you never give up on your dreams.

You are always open to new ideas and ready to explore different things in your life.

You enjoy the moment and with your sense of humour, you make everyone around you smile.

I really love you, I love your body, I love your smile and I love your personality.

Dear me, stay the way you are and make this World a better place.

Love, me <3

Write a Love Letter to Yourself – Day 7 of Self Love Challenge

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