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WALK-A-THON! How many miles can you complete?

Walkathon Challenge

Walkathon Challenge. Let’s do a quick one day walking Challenge after the weekend. I am inviting you to join us on Monday 17. July 2017, to do the WALK-A-THON Challenge – It’s a Walk at home. You don’t need anything for this Challenge apart from an internet connection and your good will, to do it […]


How to Stay Fit and Healthy After 40?

How to Stay Fit and Healthy after 40

How to stay fit and healthy after 40? This question was asked in our Closed Community group on Facebook, and it triggered me to write this blog post. ¬†Sooo, Ladies and Gentlemen’s after 40 how do you do it? And here is my answer. First of all, we must define, for ourselves what does it […]