Connecting with Nature – Day 5 – #7dayselflovechallenge

Connecting with Nature

Connecting with Nature


Today we are back to nature.  I am so grateful to live in the countryside away from everyday “city noise” and “city clutter.”

I am trying my best to enjoy the simple things in life, such as going for a walk with my dogs or just simply sitting in my garden with a nice cup of coffee.

Anyway, in today’s challenge, if you live in the city please try to go to the park and simply enjoy the sounds of nature.

Sit on a bench and simply soak up everything nature can give you in the given moment.

Today’s mantra – I am nature, and nature is beautiful.

Today’s journal entry – What did you learn to appreciate today? What made it beautiful? Does it teach you a lesson or give you an idea? Why did you never notice it before now?


Here is a video for today’s Self Love challenge:

Don’t forget that the official hashtag for this challenge is #7dayselflove.

Share your experience and share this challenge to as many people as you can, because it will bring us together and together we can make a difference.

Connecting with Nature

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