Never Give Up! Diet and Exercise Review Week 1

Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise

This week was very hard for me to keep up with workouts and healthy eating.  I was so busy setting up my blog and vlog and social media for my personal campaign Fit and Healthy After 40.

I wanted to set up everything quickly so that many people can join me on my journey. I am just an ordinary women with obligations like you and I have to find time to work out myself.

Here is a video of the WEEK 1:

So, what I have learned this week is:

If I don’t work out in the morning, most probably it will not happen in the evening too because I get too tired. So I tried my best to wake up as early as I could to fit in my work out, but some days I just didn’t do it in the morning and I have forced myself to do it in the evening so I don’t miss it.

This week was very hectic as I was going through internship interviews and a test, so that has put a lot of pressure on me.

I know, the more stressed we are the harder it is to loose weight because of that naughty hormone cortisol.

But, in everyday life it’s hard to stay completely stress free.

Monday and Tuesday were the hardest for me as I made a break of 10 days since my last work out.

The rest of the week I have also struggled to keep up with the workouts, but as you can see I did that all because I committed myself to you, so we can stick together and get in the best shape of our lives after 40.

So, the journey continues on, and a new Weekly plan will be posted on my website.

Please don’t make any excuses and follow me on this journey, because we want to be in the best shape of our lives, after 40.

If you slip a day, don’t worry, just continue and never, ever give up. Don’t let one day make your entire journey bad and to fall off the wagon because you had that greasy unhealthy burger, or you missed your workout.

Just forgive yourself and continue with the journey, Fit and Healthy After 40.

I am committed to you and you commit to me.

NOW! What are you waiting for.

Fall seven times and stand up eight.

–Japanese Proverb

Never Give Up! Diet and Exercise Review Week 1

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