Digital Cookery in the Balkans

Digital Cookery

Digital Cookery

I vlog a lot.

I suppose I am one of those extremely lucky people who is able to spend most (if not all) of his time doing things he likes and is passionate about.

Vlogging for me is definitely one of those.

Blogging, Podcasting and Photography are the others.

OK I missed out on eating great food too.

I also live with an amazingly creative person as well, so life can get a little “lively” when the creative juices start to collide.

That’s a rarity though.

This past weekend we dropped in to see a new cookery series being recorded for an online news portal (

Digital Cookery
Apart from enjoying watching a digital media creation team at work, we also got to find out about how local future chefs and restauranteurs are having to struggle in their training, through lack of good quality facilities.

Predrag Tošić, the chef preparing the recipes for the series, is not only a chef in his own right but also teaches the next generation who will join his industry.

He’s organised a fund raiser to buy new equipment, which we will be both supporting.

He needs serious help to train his students in at least a fully equipped 21st century kitchen.

I wish him every success in improving the standard of training for future chefs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Cookery
It got me thinking though.

As well as using new equipment, “what will this new generation of chefs be taught about creating healthy recipes and menus that will add to people leading more healthy lives?”

I must ask Chef Tošić next time I see him.

You see, the Balkan diet (apart from the Adriatic area) is normally considered not one of the most healthy that’s on offer.

I can testify to that.

That’s why I am slowly being convinced by Tamara, that change in my diet is not only beneficial but essential.

I am over 40 by the way.

Digital Cookery

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