5 Tips That You Can Do Now to Get Back On Track After a Holiday Feast

Get Back On Track After a Holiday Feast

Happy New Year everyone, we wish 2018 to be the best year ever in health, happiness, relationships, business and any other aspect of your life. Well the holidays are almost over, we still have Orthodox New Year coming up on 13th of January and then it’s over.

Here are my 5 tips on how to get back on your healthy track after a holiday feast.


I have seen sooo many posts on facebook and instagram where everyone is blaming themselves for having Christmas cakes, cookies, too much food etc. Stop now and don’t blame yourself. It was a holiday and you should enjoy it with your family with a lot of comforting food, sweets etc.  A few days of not eating so healthy will not ruin your health and you will definitely not gain a lot of weight, even if you gain any weight, it is usually water weight and as soon as you go back to your healthy lifestyle, everything will go back to normal. Don’t forget that what you eat 80% of the time, matters and those 20% that you indulge during your holiday is ok.  So, my first tip is don’t blame yourself, the holiday is now over and go back to your healthy lifestyle.


You have probably eaten all the comfort/holiday food, and now it’s time to stock up your fridge and pantry with healthy foods. Always buy 80% vegetables and fruit, 20% healthy protein and grains, 5% diary food and 5% healthy fats. I don’t believe much in food prep, because I love my food freshly cooked, but some things you can prepare in advance, and have it ready for you for a few days. I always keep healthy food in the kitchen and if I buy something unhealthy, I will eat it. The rule that I use is far away from the sight, far away from your stomach. What I mean is, if I don’t have potato chips in the house, then I will not crave it and eat it.


Replace breakfast with a green smoothie to clean your body of sugar and alcohol toxins. Before you drink your smoothie on an empty stomach, have a glass of water. Add beetroot to your green smoothie, because beetroot is proven to be the best vegetable when it comes to liver cleaning. Stick to your green smoothie for at least 2 weeks and you will feel and look amazing, especially your skin.


It’s ok if you haven’t exercised for a week due to the holiday, because your relatives visited you or if you have been soo busy and didn’t have time to exercise. You must think of this as your exercise reset. It is perfectly ok to take a week off, to rest your body and muscles. Even body builders do this every 6 months just to rest, relax and reset. Make sure this does not happen too often, but every 6-8 months it’s totally ok, or even when you go on your holiday. Don’t be too hard on yourself, think positive, and go back to your exercise routine as soon as possible. Just remember how exercise makes you feel good and happy. Don’t do anything extreme to make up for lost days, just go back to your regular exercise routine.


It is very important to keep your mindset in a healthy state for anything that you want to achieve in your life. The same goes for achieving and developing a healthy habit.  If you lost your “mojo”, to get it back, watch one of the inspirational videos on youtube, they are free and there are so many great videos that will lift you up and get you back on track. Just search a specific topic that you are interested in, so, for example: before and after weight loss success stories and you will get all the videos listed on this topic

I hope that you like my 5 tips on how to get back on a healthy track after a holiday feast.

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Have a nice day.

Get Back On Track After a Holiday Feast

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