Let’s Get Moving with Vikki and Tamara

Get Moving

Let’s Get Moving.

Thank you everyone for doing our 4 Week Challenge – New Year New You Challenge 2017.  It was fun and we did great together.This is Vikki’s and mine workout schedule for this week – (30.01.2017.-05.02.2017). We decided to use Jessica Smith latest DVDs.  If you would like to workout with us and you are new to our blog, here are the links where you can buy these DVDs, they are available to buy in two options:

1. As a hard copy dvd which gets delivered to your door

2. A digital copy where you can download or stream dvds instantly, the moment you buy them.

Here are the links (just click on the title of the dvd):

Walk On: 5 Mix and Match Miles with Jessica Smith, Walk at Home, Beginner, Intermediate Level Low Impact Workout

10 Minute Quick Walk Mix with Jessica Smith

Also, here is a Jessica Smith digital library where you can buy DVDs and stream them or download them and use purple player to play them.


As always, we think of the people who do not wish to buy any dvds and who would like to workout with us but using free youtube videos.

So we made a schedule for youtube so that you can follow along.  We try to find the most similar free workouts that are matching the dvds workouts.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are no excuses, you can walk with us and stay fit and healthy after 40.

Another thing that we would like to emphasise here, is that we mostly do low impact workout routines and that our favourite fitness trainer is Jessica Smith.  However, we will be using other fitness trainers who offer free youtube videos.  There is more to come each week.

Our Mission is to create a community of people who like exercising at home using dvds and free youtube videos.

We also have a Private Facebook Group where we share our workouts, recipes and motivation that is related to health and fitness.

Just to keep thing short, here is the schedule for this Weeks workouts: Let’s do this!

DayYou Tube Free WorkoutPremix
Monday1-mile express, 1-mile express ABS walk and 1-mile Interval WalkPremix 1 of the 5 mix and mach miles DVD: Pumped up pace and Jog and Jive.
Tuesday30 min Indoor Power WalkPremix 2 of the 5 mix and mach miles DVD: Energy Boost, Brain Training and Waistline Work
WednesdayBarefoot Fusion WalkPremix 3 of the 5 mix and mach miles DVD: Energy Boost, Pumped up pace, Jog and jive and Waistline Work
ThursdayFlat ABS Walk, 1-mile Power WalkAll of the workouts from 5 mix and mach miles DVD
Friday30 min Power Interval WalkPremix 1 of the 10min Quick Walk DVD: Steppin Strength Walk, Arms and Abs, the Buns and Thighs plus the 10 min Chair Stretch.
SaturdayWake up and Walk, 12 min Indoor Power WalkPremix 2 of the 10min Quick Walk DVD: 10min Power up Walk, Happy Hiit walk and Dance Walk.
SundayRest dayRest day

Let’s Get Moving

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