Get Off Social Media – Day 3 – 7 Day Self Love Challenge

Get off social media

Get Off Social Media

Firstly, I would like to apologise because my website was down yesterday, so I couldn’t post the 3rd day Self Love Challenge, but today we are back on track.

For me this Day is very hard to implement because I am a web designer and I work on the internet and I must check my social media, email etc every day.

But I will try to spend as much time as possible just communicating with people, in “real time”.

But if you are not in IT business, make sure you follow this Day throughly.

In a nutshell just get out of your social media root and connect with “real people” in “real life.”

Try to inspire other people and stay positive.

Today, as always, I will inspire you to stay fit and healthy after 40.

So, call your friend go for a walk or take your dog out and enjoy “real life.”

So,  here is mantra and video of today’s challenge:

Today’s mantra – I am open to experience, positive or negative, in reality. I am humble and grounded.

Today’s journal entry – What inspiring conversations did you have today? In which moments did you wish to turn back to your phone instead of paying attention to all around you? Were you bored, or did you find a way to preoccupy yourself?

Get Off Social Media – Day 3 – 7 Day Self Love Challenge

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