How to Get Healthier in 2018 with Lucy’s Online Calendar

How to Get Healthier in 2018

How to Get Healthier in 2018.

The best way to start a new year is a with a healthy lifestyle resolution.

As humans, we always write those New Years Resolutions, and don’t really stick to them, because something always gets in the way or simply we just get off track.  We all have been there, including myself.  Well, we have great news for you.  Lucy Wyndham Read has made it very easy for us to stick to our healthy lifestyle in 2018.

She’s released a first of it’s kind VIDEO ONLINE HEALTHY HABIT CALENDAR.  

Lucy is a qualified Personal Trainer. As well as being qualified in Nutrition for Weight Loss, Pre &Postnatal Fitness, Aerobics Instructor, Children’s Health and as a Fitness Specialist.

Another fabulous news is that we have partnered up with Lucy and we are giving awayONE CALENDAR FOR FREE to our Community members.

More details on how you can win this Healthy Habit online Calendar are at the bottom of this post. 

Lucy's Online Healthy Lifestyle CalendarSo, this is what you get in this calendar.  Each month you get a picture with an inspiring quote and also each month you get a link to a clickable video challenge.  It takes about 30 days to adapt to a healthy habit, so you repeat the Challenge for that month, each day and then next month you watch a new challenge video and so on. You can also print this Calendar and tick off each day when you complete the Challenge.

I have printed this calendar and it will be on my office wall.  Each month you get different challenges that cover different aspects of improving your lifestyle such as: Fitness Challenge, Positivity Challenge, Nutrition Challenge, Time Challenge, Number Challenge, Knowledge Challenge, Feel Good Challenge and many more. One of the features of this calendar is that you can download it to any device, so for example you can have it on your phone or tablet so where ever you are it is available to you.

Lucy has been involved in the Health & Fitness industry for over 20 years, and now in her mid-forties she has a wealth of experience in what works and how to get results. With a YouTube Channel with over 189 Thousand Subscribers and 16.2 million views, as well as appearing frequently on TV channels such as Sky News, BBC1,  Channel 4 and Channel 5. She is the Fitness Expert for The Sun Newspaper and has her own column in Feel Good You Magazine and often appears in publications such as, ELLE, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, Red, OK, You, Stylist and many more.

Lucy's Online Healthy Lifestyle CalendarThe Calendar is made with high quality inspirational pictures and quotes written in a beautiful font and cotton candy colours, which gives you a nice glamourise and girly feeling. Thus, this calendar is more for women of all ages who are willing to improve their lifestyle, than for men.  This healthy habit online calendar will definitely change your New Years Resolution to one that you will actually achieve, because Lucy is there to guide you each month.

Not only that, you will feel amazing and achieve many healthy lifestyle goals, but you will feel like Lucy is your friend. This is how I feel. Lucy is my online friend who tremendously helps me to achieve my fitness and health goals.

This Calendar is available on this link here: HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CALENDAR 2018  and it costs only  £6.99 ($9.14 or €7,87), which is about the price of 2-3 Pumpkin spice lattes – very affordable.  Also, this would make a great Christmas gift for your friend, daughter, mother, sister in law etc.

However, we are giving away 1 Calendar for FREE and this is how you can enter our competition. We are running the competition on our Instagram and Facebook Page.

For all of you who prefer Instagram these are the rules:

1) Follow @fitandhealthy_40
2) Follow @lucywyndhamread
3) Like the competition picture.
4) Tag 1 friend you’d celebrate with in the comments (example: @fitandhealthy_40)

The link is here and on Instagram you can read the rules again.

For all of you who are more Facebook friendly here are the rules.

  1. Like Lucy’s Wyndham Read Facebook page – the link is here.
  2. Like our Fit and Healthy Facebook page or become a member of our Closed Facebook Group or if you are a member you can enter in the Group – the link is here.
  3. Like the competition post and in the comments below share a link to your favourite Lucy Wyndham Read workout. – Here is a link.
  4. Be kind and share the post with your Facebook friends who would like to be a part of our competition.(optional)

Lucy's Online Healthy Lifestyle CalendarYou can only enter your name once, either on Instagram or Facebook.

We will be checking out if your accounts are real and if you did all the demands.  If we notice any irregularities with our competition rules we have the right to disqualify anyone who doesn’t comply with our rules or uses a fake Instagram or Facebook accounts.

All the participants names will be placed in a bucket and we will draw the lucky winner.  The winner will be drawn on SATURDAY 18. NOVEMBER 2017. at 1100 CET.  We are going to do a Facebook Live video so you can watch it live. The winner will be contacted via DM.

NOTE: We have members from all over the World with different backgrounds, but please be advised that the official language for our Community is English, therefore everything we do is in English. I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and English is my second language.

How to Get Healthier in 2018

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