How to Stay Fit and Healthy After 40?

How to Stay Fit and Healthy after 40

How to stay fit and healthy after 40?

This question was asked in our Closed Community group on Facebook, and it triggered me to write this blog post.  Sooo, Ladies and Gentlemen’s after 40 how do you do it?

And here is my answer.

First of all, we must define, for ourselves what does it mean to be fit and healthy after 40?

Does it look like a 20 years old model or is it being cancer free after 40 and having all your blood tests in check?  Once you have answered these two question, then you can start working toward your goal.

Because of the safety and privacy of our Community members we are not publishing any real names)

How to stay fit and healthy after 40

Here are my 5 tips on how to stay fit and healthy after 40 🙂


Eat organic local food that grows in your garden and surroundings.Buy your food at the farmers market. What I mean by this is to eat what your ancestors ate before the industrial revolution. Our genes are predisposed to food that grows in our surroundings. All the other food that came to us because of the development of transportation. Forget about it or eat it in moderation. Because genetically we are predisposed to process local food better than the food from other Continents.So, for example, I was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for me, plums are a native food and we have so many plums trees here but not avocado trees. So, I eat plums and not avocados. I use lard and not coconut oil for eggs in the morning, because my ancestors did the same, ages ago. Also, you must consider that all this food that has been transported for long periods of time, from one continent to the other, have been sprayed with chemicals to stay fresh when you decide to buy them.


Number two goes to fasting.
Oh, yes. Let’s fast everyone for health. There are sooooo many diets out there simply making money, but let us go back again to real fasting, the old school, cave man tradition.If you didn’t hunt or gather your food you fasted because you didn’t have any food to eat. Caveman didn’t have a fridge and he didn’t plan his diet ahead. He ate what was available what he could kill or gather.Oh, yes! Simple as that.  My point is that we all eat too much, because food is ALWAYS available to us. We are bored most of the time and we snack.How to fast? There are so many options, but simply make yourself busy, do your work and eat only when you are hungry. (more blog posts are coming on this topic, because I am a great fan of fasting.)


Most of us are not hunters, so we don’t have to chase our food, but we must make money to buy our food.So, we are sitting a lot by the computer in our offices, doing our jobs and we are gaining weight mostly by not moving enough. So, let’s get moving to get fit and healthy after 40.My tip number three would be get moving, whatever you like, just do it: walking, running, dancing etc.


We all have the internet, but not the desire to get fit and healthy after 40.What do I mean?  Well, I mean most of the people find excuses not to move their bodies. My job is sitting at the computer all day and not moving, but I use the internet to find exercise plans to suit me to get fit and healthy and there are so many options for free.You don’t need a gym or to spend any money.  There are so many fitness trainers that do their jobs online, available anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection.I have been exercising at home for years now using free youtube videos and digital DVDs that are available worldwide.This is very good if you have a strong will, but if you are not motivated on your own, you might consider my next point which is to join a Community with similar goals.


Social media is a 21 first century phenomenon where you can connect with anyone to share your similar interests and ideas.This is why we are here, with you, to help you on your journey of staying fit and healthy after 40.Connect with us by simply joining our Closed Facebook Group or simply by using our official hashtag #fitandhealthyafter40. All our social media links are displayed on the top of this page in the right hand corner, where you can click and join.As I write this we have over 400 members that are sharing their fit and healthy journeys despite their age and fitness level. Our Facebook Closed Group provides members only privacy and you can share anything that is related to health and fitness and it will not show on your timeline.I hope that you like this blog post and that you will share your experience with us in our Closed Facebook Group.

Stay safe and have a good day, but don’t forget to stay fit and healthy after 40.

Please, leave your comments down below this post and let us know how do you keep fit and healthy after 40.

How to stay fit and healthy after 40

Stay Fit and Healthy after 40

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