How I Kept Exercising While I Was On Holiday

Keep Exercising On Holiday

How I Keep Exercising On Holiday.

I love Montenegro.

I go there 2-3 times every year for about 10-15 days, depending on the availability of the house that we are renting from my mum’s friend.

I want to share with you how I keep on track with my exercises while I am on holiday.

If you would like, you can also watch a youtube video about this subject.  I will post a link at the end of this post.

To succeed in anything in life you need a proper mind set.

This is so true and a positive mind and thinking can get you anywhere in your life that you want.

S0, I used my “mind” and told myself, “this is only 4% of your day and the rest of it 96% you can do what ever you want”.

Isn’t it?

I don’t beat myself exercising hours everyday. I only do it 30-60 minutes maximum.

This is true even when I am not on a holiday, because your cortisol level gets increased and therefore your are stressed out all day and you can’t enjoy your holiday that way, or see any positive healthy results in your life.

Wake up early and exercise.

I always exercise in the morning and I keep this habit even on holiday, because I know how my day goes by and if I post pone it for later, then I never exercise.

I wake up early, have my coffee, check my social media, read a book and then I change into my exercise clothes (sometimes I exercise in my PJs) and I just do it.

Find the best place to exercise at your holiday accommodation.

You don’t need too much space, there are plenty of workouts that you can do in a small places.

Stick to that place and make it a habit. Same place. Same time!

Keep it simple, sweet and short.

I am following a 6 week program and I already know what I will be doing each Day while on Holiday.

But for those people who don’t follow any program I suggest to keep it simple, intense and short.

The best way is to go to basic body weight exercises that require no equipment and just do circuit training. I always bring a light set of dumbbells and my skipping rope.

I also download all my workouts videos to my laptop and ipad and that way I don’t have to worry about internet.

If you are in a hotel room, I am sure they will have internet and you can use youtube or any other platform that you use for exercises.

Also, most hotels have gyms, so if you are a gym person, make sure, before you book your holiday accommodation they have a gym.

Explore, explore, explore …

If you don’t feel like exercising while on holiday at all, then there is a solution for you too.

Explore the place where you staying.

Maybe there is a hiking guide, cycling or just simply explore by walking a lot.

Don’t forget, everything counts.  If you are at the coast, do a lot of swimming or diving or surfing, there is so much to do, the possibilities are countless.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Please let me know how you stay fit while on holiday.

If you like this post share it with your friends.  Stay fit and healthy after 40.

How I Keep Exercising On Holiday.

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