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Challenges Fit and Healthy

Walk Strong 2.0 – Week 1

Walk STRONG 2.0 Challenge

Hello everyone, here is the schedule for the Walk STRONG 2.0 Challenge, that we are doing from this Monday (11. September. 2017.). This Challenge involves Jessica Smith DVDs but if you don’t have these DVDs, don’t worry we will provide you with similar Jessica Smith Youtube videos. So, here is the schedule for the week […]

Fit and Healthy Recipes

Home Made Pesto Sauce

Home made pesto sauce

Home Made Pesto Sauce. I love pesto sauce, and very often I make my own.  I use it in cooking or as a condiment to fish, meat, salads etc.  I also like pesto with pasta.  I have a great recipe, very easy to make and I learned to make it while I was working in […]