5 Days Sleek and Sexy Summer Arms Challenge

Sleek and Sexy Summer Arms Challenge

Sleek and Sexy Summer Arms Challenge.

Four months ago we did a 7 Days Sleek Arms Challenge and had great responses from our Community members.  So we decided to do another Arm Challenge.

Summer it’s on our door step, so this week is perfect for this Challenge, so that we can wear those tank tops again, all Summer long.  This challenge has two workouts, so that you can choose your preferred one.  This challenge can be done by anyone for free, no workout DVD is required, all you need is your living room and an internet connection.

Yes, we are using youtube videos from the best online trainers in the World.

Please make sure that you connect with our Community in our Closed Facebook Group. If you don’t follow our Challenges or Weekly schedules, you can also join our Group for fitness support, healthy eating tips, motivation and much more.  Make sure that you also use our hashtag #fitandhealthyafter40

Let’s get those arms ready for Summer.


MondayWORKOUT 1: Jessica Smith: Armed and Dangerous


WORKOUT 2: Tracy Campoli: Best arm workout for women

TuesdayWORKOUT 1: Jessica Smith: Awesome Abs And Arms


WORKOUT 2:  Blogilates: Quick Burn Arms!

Wednesday – WORKOUT 1: Jessica Smith: Toned and Jiggle Free Arms


WORKOUT 2: Lucy Wyndham-Read: Arm exercises for women

Thursday – WORKOUT 1: Jessica Smith: Full Upper Body Workout


WORKOUT 2: Tracy Anderson: 7 Minute Arms with weights

Friday – WORKOUT 1: Jessica Smith: 20-Minute Strong and Sleek Upper Body Barre


WORKOUT 2:  Mary Helen: Strong & Sexy Swan Arms

Saturday – Active rest day or BONUS WORKOUT with Lucy Wyndham-Read: Walking workouts for weight loss with arm exercises for women 

Sunday – Rest day

Sleek and Sexy Summer Arms Challenge

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