7 Days Sleek Arms Challenge | No push ups

7 Days Sleek Arms Challenge - No push ups

This week we are focusing on our arms. 7 Days Sleek Arms Challenge is an arms toning challenge, but without push ups, so anyone can do them. Even beginners. You will need a light set of dumbbells and if you don’t have dumbbells you can use small water bottles or cans.

Because you cannot spot reduce, we also included some cardio exercises which should be done after arm toning. Cardio is always best to do after toning exercises or lifting weights.

All the exercises are free on youtube, with different trainers (just to mix things up a bit for everyone), however we also included Jessica Smith’s latest DVD: Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat – 5 Days a Week, for Jessica fans who purchased this DVD.

You can purchase a digital copy if you click on this link here. The amazon link is provided on you tube under the video in the description.

Saturday is a relax day, this Jessica Smith routine is wonderful. I have been doing it when ever I need to relax or don’t feel well. We also included a meditation session which you can do in the evening.

Our Mission is to create a community of people who like exercising at home using dvds and free youtube videos.

We also have a Private Facebook Group where we share our workouts, recipes and motivation that is related to health and fitness.

This is the 7 Days Sleek Arms Challenge schedule.  Let’s do this 🙂

Blogilates Arms: Quick Burn Arms! No pushup

Jessica Smith: The Best Cardio Exercises for Losing Weight with Bad Knees

or DVD: 2-Mile Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk

FitnessBlender Arms: Tank Top Arms Workout

Jessica Smith: 12-Minute Fat Burning Power Walk Home Workout

or DVD: 3-Mile Flat Abs Power Walk

Tracy Campoli Arms: Best of Arms

BodyFit By Amy: Low impact Cardio

or DVD: Belly Blasting Strenght Training Circuit

Jessica Smith Arms: 12 minutes Arms

Leslie Sansone: Start Walking at home

or DVD: 2-Mile Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk

Lucy Wyndham-Read Arms: Get Rid of Bingo Wings

Jessica Smith: HIIT walk for beginners

or DVD: 3-Mile Flat Abs Power Walk

Tracy Campoli Arms: Spring Arms workout

Jessica Smith: 12 minute Under the weather Workout

TheHonestGuyes: GUIDED MEDITATION – Deep Relaxation

Rest day

Sleek Arms Challenge

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    • Ruth
    • February 7, 2017

    OUch! My arms are hurting after tonight’s workouts.

    1. Thank you for working out with us 🙂 My arms are on fire too. Well done! <3

    • Chris Osborne
    • February 12, 2017

    Thank you girls for this challenge. Just completed it today – I was a day behind. I was a bit worried about working my arms every day but funny enough its my legs that ache!!!!

    1. Thank you Chris For participating in our Challenge. We love doing arms with light weight almost every day. We will have more arm Challenges before Summer. Are you ready for the new Challenge? It’s up! <3

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