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5:2 Diet Fasting Vlog (Day 2)

Fasting Vlog Day 2

Fasting Vlog Day 2 I am at my mum’s for a few days. I thought that fasting will be much harder when I am around  people, but I had a proper mind set and it was not hard at all. Anyway, it was a very busy day which makes fasting much easier. I have found […]


5:2 Diet Fasting Vlog (Day 1)

5 2 Fasting Day

5 2 Fasting Day. After a long time I am getting back into the habit of fasting twice a week.  I started it a few times before and I was very good with it, but then I relapsed again. Sometimes, life just gets in a way. Now, I am committed again. If I can exercise everyday […]