It’s time to relax

time to relax

time to relax
I was very busy the entire week setting up my vlog/blog with my partner David, but we managed to find time to go for a walk with our lovely dogs.

The weather was very nice and where we live it’s so beautiful and isolated from any city “noise pollution”.

The past few days I was under a lot of stress as well because I applied for a UX Design internship, so I went through a phone interview, group interview and then a one to one interview and test. Stressful.

So, that was quite an intense few days, and this walk with my dogs was just what I needed.

By The way, the good news is:



Anyway, I hope you enjoy my video.

If you like to get fit and healthy after 40 with me, please join me on my journey, because we can be the best looking mamas, busy women, partners etc in our 40’s.

However, if anyone else is under 40 they can join me too, because everyone should be at their best health no matter what age you are.

That’s all for now and … go and eat something healthy. NOW! 🙂

It’s time to relax

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