28 Day TONE EVERY ZONE with Lucy Wyndham Read

Tone every Zone with Lucy Wyndham Read

Just a quick note for our new members and visitors. Vikki and Tamara have been working out at home for years now using free youtube videos and also buying dvds and fitness books.  We don’t spend a fortune on exercise equipment and programs.

We are keeping ourself fit and healthy 100% exercising at home.  If this is your gig feel free to join us.  We run this blog to inspire as many people as possible to stay fit and healthy in the comfort of their home. To find more about us, please click here.

Since we discovered Lucy Wyndham Read we cannot get enough of her short but very effective workouts.  Therefore we decided to start this Challenge and do it in the afternoon as a bonus workout.  What we found, doing these short workouts is that they give us so much energy and instead of afternoon coffee we will do these exercises.

So, here is the plan.  Every morning Vikki and I are doing our morning exercises, and we exercise together a lot (we follow the same workouts).  However, since we decided to do these short workouts during this Summer, we wanted to add an extra short workout in the afternoon as well and we decided to do Lucy’s 28 day toning Challenge, by doing 1 workout every afternoon.

You don’t need any fitness equipment to do this Challenge, but you do need a few household items, such as a chair, book and two tins.  If you watch the first video in the playlist of this Challenge, Lucy explain exactly how it works.

Working out with Lucy for over a month now, we have learned that short HIIT workouts are very effective in weight loss.  Of course for this to be true you must follow the “Weight Loss Holy Trinity Rule”, as I would like to call it, and that is: clean eating, cardio and toning.

If you think you are going to lose weight with these short quick HIIT workouts and eat junk food, you are wrong.  You must eat clean and watch your portions.

Go small – Lucy Wyndham Read.

So, here is the playlist for this Challenge.  Make sure to connect with others on Social media using Lucy’s and our official hashtags: #lucyssquad #lwrfitness #fitandhealthyafter40


Simply follow the workouts in the same order as in the playlist.

Please make sure that you join our Community for constant support and motivation.

We have a  Closed Facebook Group with nearly 1000 members who are inspiring each other every day.  We know that it is hard sometimes to make yourself exercise, but when you see all our members who are taking care of their health then you will be more than inspired to workout and eat healthy.

I would like to assure you that we opened this closed Facebook group to  protect your privacy and only members of the group can see your posts.  Our group admins are working very hard to keep our group friendly and positive and we are blocking anyone who is not complying with the Group rules. You can join our Community by simply clicking HERE.

Let’s have fun.  Have a nice day everyone. <3

28 Day TONE EVERY ZONE with Lucy Wyndham Read

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