5:2 Diet Trish Geekie’s Story

Trish Geekie's Story

Trish talks about 5:2 Diet Here’s our first Guest Post, from Trish.

Fit and healthy after 40…great advice and a mantra to live by, but a few years ago I decided I didn’t want to be “fat after 50″… not that I was fat – just a bit flabby and unfit!

So whilst visiting with said “fit and healthy after 40” I decided the 5:2 regime of eating would be a goer.

I make no bones that the 5:2 isn’t always easy however, the results and benefits far out weigh the 2 days of hunger you may (or may not) have.

Despite there being a plethora of recipes available to keep you within your 500/600 calorific intake for me it worked best if I ate the same thing on each day. I am one of those who needs to eat 3 times a day so I managed to work out a small breakfast, lunch and evening meal option.

Lots of water and 1 mug of tea saw me through the hunger pangs. I would be lying if I said I didnt have the odd day where I wanted to gnaw my arm off but quick results that showed my waistline slimming and thighs and hips doing the same was motivation enough to keep going.

I learned that its best to measure yourself at the same time and on the same day each week. This for me was first thing on a Tuesday morning. I found it easier to fast on a Monday and a Wednesday but strangely wasnt hungry for all the unhealthy foods on my non fast days.

My journey on the 5:2 began a few years ago and I have managed to stay at 60kg and a UK size 10/12 which for my height is great. My BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure levels are all well within ranges which I am really pleased with.

5:2 Diet Trish Geekie's StoryOnce I had got to my optimum weight and size I managed to maintain these by eating a varied diet which does include eating cake and pizza (not too often) and drinking red wine, however the 5:2 seems to have reduced quite drastically my taste for anything with sugar in and as for bread and pasta, well that is something I now eat rarely.

For me the 5:2 enabled me to take a good look at what I eat and how to put healthy eating into an every day practise. Once I was a good few weeks into the 5:2 I decided to take up walking which turned into a mix of power walking/jogging/running which I still do and gets me into the fresh air every day and makes for great well being.

All in all, the 5:2 worked for me.

It really changed my eating habits and made me think again about healthy living and exercise.

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5:2 Diet Trish Geekie’s Story

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    • Carole Todd
    • March 1, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this Trish it’s always nice to find out how “real” people get on with this type of regime, especially whilst working and carrying out your every day routine. We get so used to celebrities talking about their miraculous weight loss when they probably have plenty of time to devote to keeping themselves looking good.

    1. Hi Carole, Thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you, celebrities have the money and time to keep themselves in good shape. But we are “real” people and we are doing it our way ;-). I know that Trish has been consistent with the 5:2 Diet and that she reaped great benefits of it, which one of them is also losing weight and looking healthy and fit after 40 🙂 I am on the 5:2 lifestyle, I don’t like calling it a diet for 4 weeks now and I feel fantastic. I have more energy and I am getting slimmer.

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