Walk on and HIIT it for 4 minutes

Walk on and HIIT it

Walk on and HIIT it.

Hello everyone and Congratulations on finishing the 21 Day Walk Yourself Beautiful Challenge.

Well for the next 4 weeks we are doing something different. We are doing The 3 DVD Walk on Set by Jessica Smith (click on the title to view which DVD set we are using) in the morning and also in the afternoon we will do 4 minute HIIT by Lucy Wyndham Read.

If you would like to join us and don’t have this DVD collection we will post free replacement YouTube videos, and 4 minute HIIT videos which are also free on YouTube.

You might ask yourself, why 4 minute HIIT in the afternoon!?

Well, because you will get extra energy for the rest of your day and plus you will burn an extra 35 calories per hour for the next 10 hours, which comes to about 350 calories. And 4 minutes HIIT it’s sooo easy to squeeze in your day.

Personally, I am not a great fan of HIIT training, but I really like these 4 minutes HIIT trainings by Lucy because she has a low impact version and even if there is no low impact version I can push myself hard enough to do high impact as well, that is jumping.

We produce an effect known as EPOC which stands for Excessive Post Oxygen Consumption. This relates to how you have increased your calorie burn as the body is working so hard and EPOC is the name used to describe the elevated rate of your hourly calorie burn. This on average is about 35 calories an hour, but what is the amazing news is that this elevation stays at this rate for up to 10 hours after exercising. So do your sums here: 35 x10 equals 350 calories (for just 4 minutes)- Lucy Wyndham Read

Believe me, 4 minutes flies by so quickly and the benefits are great and you will feel sooo much better that you will not need your afternoon coffee.

Let’s talk about food! To see results and to reap great benefits from these workouts and to loose weight and feel great, you must eat clean. Of course you can give yourself a little treat here and there, but you must eat clean.

And don’t forget that exercise is only 20% and diet plays those 80% in maintaining a healthy weight and body.

Please make sure that you connect with our Community in our Closed Facebook Group. If you don’t follow our Challenges or Weekly schedules, you can also join our Group for fitness support, healthy eating tips, motivation and much more.  Make sure that you also use our hashtag #fitandhealthyafter40 

Let’s get moving and have fun together.

So, here is the schedule for Week 1:

MondayStride and Strength Walk (DVD#1: Walk On: Strength and Balance) or Stride and Strength  (Youtube)
4 minute HIIT: Perfect Peach

TuesdayDance Walk (DVD#2: Walk On: Dance Walk) or Latin Spice Dance Walk (Youtube)
4 minute HIIT: Fat Eraser

WednesdayFlat Abs Walk (DVD#3: Walk On: Tone Your Trouble Zones) or Flat Abs Walk (Youtube)
4 minute HIIT: Super Sculpt

ThursdayStride and Strength Walk (DVD#1: Walk On: Strength and Balance) or  Stride and Step  (Youtube)
4 minute HIIT: Total Body

FridayFusion Walk (DVD#1: Walk On: Strength and Balance) or Barefoot Fusion Walk  (Youtube)
4 minute HIIT: Metabolic Makeover

Saturday – Active rest day

Sunday – Rest day

Walk on and HIIT it

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    • Kristina
    • May 21, 2017

    Looks great! Thanks for putting this together.

    1. You welcome. Let’s do this! 🙂

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