WALK-A-THON! How many miles can you complete?

Walkathon Challenge

Walkathon Challenge.

Let’s do a quick one day walking Challenge after the weekend.

I am inviting you to join us on Monday 17. July 2017, to do the WALK-A-THON Challenge – It’s a Walk at home.

You don’t need anything for this Challenge apart from an internet connection and your good will, to do it together with us.  Also, if you would like, you can do this Challenge outside. Simply just walk as many miles as you can in one go, and check in with us in our Closed Facebook Group!

So, here how it goes for everyone else who is doing it in the comfort of their home.

This Challenge is all about how many miles you can walk in one go, and Jessica Smith has a WALK-A-THON playlist which we will follow for this Challenge. Here is the link:

There are 7 miles in the list and a cool down video at the end.

So, everyone should try their best and complete as many miles as they can and post their results in our Closed Facebook Group. This post will be pinned on the top of the page, it will be very easy to follow.

Also, if you are not a member of our Closed Facebook Group what are you waiting for?  🙂

In our Group we share our daily workouts, motivation, recipes and healthy foods.  We have nearly 500 members that are posting in order to motivate everyone to exercise and eat healthy.

You can join our Closed Facebook Group by simply clicking here and our Admins will approve your request.

You can use these official hashtags for this Challenge, which are, #walkathon  #fitandhealthyafter40 #jessicasmithtv to connect with everyone else on Social media platform other then Facebook.

Good luck on your Walkathon Journey and see you on Monday everyone in our Closed Facebook Group!


A few months ago I did this Challenge, and I could only complete 4 miles, I want to beat my personal record. Wish me luck in the comments below!

Walkathon Challenge.

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    • Kris
    • July 27, 2017

    Thanks for sharing this. It was fun!

    1. Thank you for joining us Kristina <3

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