Why I Crashed Out of the 30 Day Squat Challenge

Why I Crashed Out of the 30 Day Squat Challenge

Everyone who follows me on social media and here on my blog knows that I was doing the 30 Day squat challenge.

I was doing pretty well and I was very pumped up to do this challenge.  Here are my reasons why I gave up on this Challenge.


This was the main reason why I gave up on this challenge.  I injured my knee last year in May in Montenegro and got my entire leg in a cast. I couldn’t exercise for a long time and I gained weight.  So I got afraid if I injured myself again with this Challenge I will not be able to exercise again and that is a last thing that I want now in my life.  I need to move and I need to stay active.

Fitness hknee injuryelps me in every-way, physically and emotionally.  I like how it makes me feel after a good workout.

So, I gave up the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

What I learned from this Challenge? Too many repetitions of the same exercise, every day, with a little rest it is not for me.  I need toning exercises for my legs and butt that will be focused on less repetitions and I need a variety of movements, to exercise different muscles.


While I was doing this Challenge, I couldn’t do much of other exercises, because I would get so tired and my tight muscles would hurt so much and my knees too. A few times I did some cardio exercises and on Day 25 I couldn’t even finish this Challenge.

My legs gave up on me.  So, this is also a good reason to give up on this Challenge, so that I could do other toning and cardio exercises.  Now I am focusing on different days to tone different muscle groups so that my muscles can get proper rest and recovery time.

I am also doing toning exercises first and then cardio.  This works the best for me.


I have pretty much strong legs from all the sport I did in my life and with this challenge my thigh muscles got so big, they bulked up.  I don’t want this, I want strong legs but with long muscles, not big muscley legs.

Now I am doing pilates toning for my legs and also some dance inspired exercises, and my legs are starting to slim down.

I have also joined the Total Body Transformation Program with Tracy Campoli and I love it.

I am getting toned and I am burning fat.  I am not trying to sell this program to you, but this program is working so great for me.

Also, I am on the 5:2 Diet and that helps too with my health and looks.

So, here you have my main reasons why I gave up on this Challenge and what I learned from it.  Here you can see a video where I also talk about it.

Why I Crashed Out of the 30 Day Squat Challenge

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