Workout Plan Week 1

Workout Plan

Workout PlanI have been keeping myself in shape for years, exercising from home.

Today you don’t really need to spend so much money on exercise equipment, gym memberships or any fitness classes.  All you need is good will, a little bit of space, an internet connection and two dogs, lol.

Dogs are a great way of keeping you in shape, because you have to walk them everyday, not only that, you will be getting more health from walks but you will also have fun to watch your dogs sniffing around, chasing birds etc. This is why I love living in the country side, because I can go for long walks with my dogs and recharge my batteries.

Anyway, here is (in the table below) the Workout Plan for my first week of my journey “Fit and Healthy After 40”.

I will be using kettle bells and dumbbells, also a swiss ball in this week plan. Also I have a stationary bike so I will be using my bike on Friday.

If you choose to do the same workouts as me this week, I have links to all the videos down bellow.

As I said  in the beginning, you will need an internet connection to follow these workouts that are posted by my favourite “youtube” fitness trainers.

Please leave your comments below if you have any questions, suggestions etc.

When the week is finished I will make a video and blog post to let you know how I did this week.

Let’s be “Fit and Healthy After 40”, so do these workouts.

PS. If you are a total beginner, try to do as much as you can, but do not force yourself to a point where you will feel dizzy or any sort of weakness.

It is important that you start SMALL, even if you just walk 200 steps today.

Workout Plan Week 1


35 min strength and cardio HIIT – BodyFit By Amy20 min Cardio Workout for Beginners – FitnessType12 min Kettle bell cardio workout – BodyFit By AmyBunny Slope workout #11 – Zuzka Light20 min indoor bike HIIT (1 min fast/2 min slow)RESTREST

HERE ARE THE LINKS TO WORKOUTS: (simply click on the title and you are there)

MONDAY – 35 Minute Strength and Cardio HIIT – BodyFit By Amy

TUESDAY – Cardio Workout For Beginners – 20 Minute Of Fat Reducing Cardio Exercises For Beginners At Home – FitnessType

WEDNESDAY -12 Minute Kettlebell Cardio Workout – BodyFit By Amy

THURSDAY – Bunny Slope Workout #11 – For Beginners – Zuzka Light


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