Workout Plan Week 3

Workout Plan

Workout Plan
I am going to take it easy this week.

Last week was very stressful for me and I couldn’t keep up with my workouts.  I decided this week to take a step back and focus more on managing my stress than workouts.

I have a strider and also an indoor bike.

So, this week I will be using my own equipment.

However, if you don’t have a bike or a strider, this is what you can do: go for a brisk walk or run, set up a timer on your phone for 15 minutes and go in one direction.  Once the time is up, set up another round for 15 minutes and go back to your home.

Do this if you don’t have any exercise equipment.  If you do, then do 30 minutes cardio on your machine, but make sure you do HIIT training, that is 1-2 minutes fast, then 2 minutes slow, all depending on your fitness level and age.

However, don’t do slow cardio – unless you are total beginner. Try to do HIIT training, because that is proven to be the most effective, because you burn fat all day long.

So, this week I will be working out every second day.

The main focus will be on cardio and I will be doing some toning exercises.

Here is my weeks schedule:

15 min stationary bike/ 15 min strider -HIIT (1min hard /2 min slower)REST DAYHIIT AND TONE ALL OVER Lucy Wyndham-ReadREST DAY15 min stationary bike/ 15 min strider HIIT (1min hard /2 min slower)REST DAYHIIT AND TONE ALL OVER Lucy Wyndham-Read

Here is a video of the toning exercises that I will be doing this week:

Make sure that this week, you eat healthy 80% of the time and give yourself 20% of “cheating.”

You don’t want to be hard on yourself, especially if you starting out with a healthy life style.

Stay strong, and let’s do this!

Please, don’t injure yourself.

Start very small and build yourself up. This is not a one week journey, this is a life time change, FOREVER!

Take baby steps and build yourself up to a HEALTHIER YOU!

Be the best version of yourself after 40.

This is what this journey is all about.

Workout Plan Week 3

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