Workout Plan – Week 4

Workout Plan Week 4

Workout Plan Week 4
Here we go.

I am in Week 4 of my Fit and Healthy Journey After 40.  I’ve already noticed changes in my body, but not many, because my diet was not all that perfect last week and I took things a little bit more easy due to all the stress I had these last few weeks.

This week I will focus on cardio and strength training with dumbbells.

I really enjoy using them and I see the difference in my body doing Amy’s workouts.

They are all free on her Youtube channel and I can do them at home in a small place, which makes my life so much easier.

Another thing that I like so much in Amy’s videos is that she always does a version of a particular exercise for all fitness levels.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts I can’t do extreme exercises, so I always follow the easier version.

Here is my exercise plan for this Week:

As you can see, I like to keep things simple and to stick to two different workouts per week and then I will change them.

Your body will not stall doing these workouts, if you push yourself every time harder when you do a workout.

When a workout becomes easy to do, then it’s time for something more challenging.

Let’s do this.  Rest today and tomorrow we start with 30 Minutes Cardio Tabata Workout.

Workout Plan – Week 4

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