Hectic Day but Worth Every Second – Day 2 Update Vlog

Worth Every Second

Fit and Healthy After 40The last two days have been pretty hectic as I am setting up the Fit and Healthy After 40 Vlog/Blog platform on my own, with the great help of my partner an Englishman in the Balkans.

We didn’t hire a company to do this for us, therefore we have a lot of technical work to do and setting up all my social media and on top of that, I have started my journey to being Fit and Healthy after 40.

I didn’t work out for about 10 days prior to starting this fitness journey, so I lost a lot of strength and cardio endurance. 10 days is not a long time, but for exercising it is. Trust me.

So, my advice to you is to start very, very small.

Take baby steps, but keep up with your exercises.

Start with walking, 10 minutes body weight exercising per day, just do some squats anything that will keep you moving.

Start really, really small and commit yourself in a small way, because that is the only way that you will not stop being Fit and Healthy After 40.

Here is my video, where I talk about today and how I feel ….

Hectic Day but Worth Every Second – Day 2 update Vlog

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